Authentication of MAISONMARAIS

MAISONMARAIS has activated a garment authentication service. Since the Fall Winter 2022 collection, MAISONMARAIS offers customers the opportunity to check the authenticity of the purchased product.

1. Each garment has an authenticity confirmation label which has a special silicone treatment.
2. After scanning the QR code stated on the authenticity confirmation label, you should be directed to this page.

Please be informed that, if either of the two options stated above are not applicable, the product cannot be verified as a genuine MAISONMARAIS product.

Anti-counterfeiting Campaign
MMBH INC is aware that there are companies that sell counterfeit products of our brand MAISONMARAIS online and offline. Some of them are duplicating our brand's trademarks and composing online sales pages with images of our products, further confusing consumers. MMBH INC prioritizes to not only protect the rights of our consumers who purchase our products, but also to protect our brand image. For this reason, we take all possible measures against the online and offline sales of counterfeit products and focus on the closure of misleading sites and social network pages.

If you find counterfeit products or suspected fraudulent websites, please send an email to contact@maisonmarais.com with the relevant link or business name and store location.

The official website of our brand MAISONMARAIS is www.maisonmarais.com.